Monday, 4 March 2013


So thankfully I didn't suffer from any jetlag - dropped into bed and slept like a log, and woke up bright and early to head out to renew my passport...

Here's the tedious process I had to go through...

1. Firstly, I had to wait in line for 40 minutes to get my photo taken - I hate taking Malaysian passport photos as you have to push back all your hair so that your ears can be seen, but then you also end up looking like an absolute retard...
I'm also pretty sure my photo looks a bit wonky as he tilted my shoulder to get me in line with the automated camera focus. 

2. After that I had to collect a ticket number and waited for a further hour and a half to get some papers filled in and hand in my old passport.

3. I then had to go to the payment counter and waited another 15 minutes for my name to be called.

4. I was issued a receipt saying that my passport would be ready to pick up an hour and a half later...

During which me and my dad went to have some food - famous traditional wan tan mee mmm...


5. When it was time, I had to hand in my receipt and collect ANOTHER ticket number...and after waiting another half an hour I FINALLY was handed my new passport - SUCCESS!

At least I only have to do this every 5 years...if only it was longer.

Spent most of the afternoon syncing and organizing my iPad, as well as catching up on old Peep Show episodes. I should really be out soaking up some sun before my time runs out...tomorrow maybe.

In the evening we went to have dinner at dad's old friend's restaurant along Gurney Drive.

The uncle was really nice and treated us to a free dinner! Darn it, I wish I'd had more stingray...teehee.

Rummaging through my haphazard luggage today, I realized I had brought more bottoms than tops...looks like someone needs to do some shopping!

I'm going to need to be more productive in the next few days!

Good night people x

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