Thursday, 14 March 2013


Still in the midst of organising the photos, but thought I'd make a start on Day 2!
The breakfast buffet provided by the hotel had a pretty good spread, though certain tour groups who must have gotten there earlier were pretty noisy - if you have stayed in the big touristy hotels, you know which particular groups I'm talking about...

We went to buy our day passes to visit the heritage sites - a day pass costs 20 USD but if you buy a 2-day pass it costs 40 USD (price equivalent to buying 2 single day passes) and you get the 3rd day free. Something we only realized after, but we were only going to utilize it for 2 days anyway.

Our first stop was Angkor Wat - the largest Hindu temple complex and the largest religious monument in the world, built by king Suryavarman II in the early 12th century. In the late 13th century, Angkor Wat gradually moved from Hindu to Theravada Buddhist use, which continues to the present day.




After lunch, we were brought to Ta Prohm (originally called Rajavihara),  located approximately one kilometere east of Angkor Thom. It was constructed by king Jayavarman VII in honor of his family.
Unlike most Angkorian temples, Ta Prohm has been left in much the same condition in which it was found. The jungle surroundings are serene and peaceful, with trees growing out of the ruins (the most distinctive feature of Ta Prohm), making it one of Angkor's most popular temples among visitors. UNESCO inscribed Ta Prohm on the World Heritage List in 1992. 




You can probably tell by now how much I love archways!

Along the way, we stopped by to snap some photos by the Terrace of the Elephants, an impressive 2.5 meter tall, 300 meter long terrace wall adorned with carved elephants and garudas that spans the heart of Angkor Thom. 
The terrace was used by king Jayavarman VII was used as a giant reviewing platform for public ceremonies and served as a base for the king's grand audience hall.



 After a long day, we had dinner at a nice Cambodian restaurant recommended by our tour guide.

Amok fish, Stir-fried morning glory, Lemon and ginger fish

So that pretty much sums up Day 2.

Going to have a quick lunch break now, watch this space for more posts x

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