Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Today, the dad brought me to try this popular local place called Ah Wang Cafe that sells roti bakar!
Yummy simple food mmm...

How cute are those half-boiled eggs in teacups?

Dad and I then drove up to somewhere along Straits Quay so that I could practise how to ride a bicycle - yes, one of the childhood skills that was neglected on my list!
Oh well, never too old to learn to ride...

Dad, being the encouraging dad that he is, was rooting me on and taking embarrassing photos of me whilst I clumsily tried to avoid crashing into trees...

Step 1: Try to get both legs on the pedals
Beginner's tip: Try not to giggle as it makes you lose balance even more!

Make sure seat is low enough for my stubby legs to reach the ground!
Okay, let's just hold onto the railing and do a pose...

Dad showing me how it's done teehee x

Still a bit wobbly, but at least I didn't fall down!

A Romanian couple then came by and started chatting to my dad and making some short recordings whilst my dad talked about Penang. 

After that, we drove into town to make a visit to my usual souvenir shop Hong Joo.
 Bought some stuff and took a photo with the nice uncle and aunty.
 Well, photo(S) really, as dad is still not quite so acquainted with the iPhone...

He figured it out after a couple of attempts!

Later on in the evening, we picked mum up from the airport and went to Thai Recipe at Tan Jeti to have dinner.

Me & Mum x

Awesome authentic Thai food and nice, relaxing atmosphere!


Me & Dad x
Also spotted this cute dinky dog, and just had to take a video!

And then there were the not so nice 'toilets'...

You can figure out where it all goes...
Just when you thought it would be nice to have a swim in the sea!
I hope the fish that we ate was caught FAR away from these waters...(?!)

Anyway, I also went to get my annual eye check - thankfully the power hasn't increased. Well, except for my astigmatism...just a tiny bit.

That's all for today.
The Cheekster - over and out! x

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