Thursday, 14 March 2013


Final day in Siem Reap, sad times...

We checked out after breakfast as our tour guide planned to bring us to the Silk Farm which was on the way to the airport.

Mulberry plants - the leaves are used to feed the silkworms

Cocoons are boiled to make it easier to pull the silk threads

Weaving being done manually


A few hours later and we were on the plane heading back to Penang via Kuala Lumpur.


We had dinner at the yummy noodle place on the way back from the airport.

Sad that the holiday is over, but it's always nice to be home, although not for long as I will be flying back to London in less than 2 days time!
Where does the time go...

On a lighter note, it's my 26th birthday tomorrow! 
AND also the 1st anniversary of Dancing in High Heels! Who would have thought I'd have the dedication to maintain it for this long.

Okay, blog updated!

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Time for some dinner x

Last few hours to enjoy being a 25 year old x

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  1. Looks so pretty<3 & yay for 26! Make it count ^__~