Thursday, 14 February 2013

SUMMARY: CNY + JAC'S WEDDING + V-DAY's been too long again since I've updated this page. It's been a hectic week but I'm glad it's now one more day til the weekend! AND I'm not working a late Friday shift this week! Not that I have anything exciting planned...but there you go.

So lets start with last weekend...

1. Chinese New Year - Year of the Snake

Obviously not a very big thing in the UK compared to Asia. Nonetheless, Stacey and I braved the horrible weather on Sunday to watch the festivities taking place in town. We managed to catch the lion and dragon dance performance at Trafalgar Square and hung about town so we could catch the fireworks display in the evening. 

Happy Chinese New Year!...4 days late ha.

2. Jacquelyn & Anran's Wedding

After a long shift at work on Monday, I rushed home to pack my bag and jumped on the train to Nottingham! A bit of short notice but I still managed to book my reasonably-priced Advance First Class tickets so I could travel in comfort.
 It's been so long since I've traveled by economy 'cattle trailers' this time.


Tried to get a snooze on the train, but there was a SUPER hyperactive kid sitting close-by who kept screaming...
A bit frustrating but he was actually quite cute, and I kind of had pity for the poor mum who looked pretty exhausted.
2 hours later, I was finally in Nottingham and grabbed a taxi to The Hilton.
Glad to be reunited with sweet Jacquelyn after so long and we had a little chit chat with champagne before bed.

Unfortunately I didn't really get much sleep as the floors were really creaky and we could hear the neighbours upstairs!
We got up bright and early the next default - the hotel alarm went off at 7am (!) for some reason...and MORE creaky floorboards from up above.
Unable to get back to sleep, we went to have breakfast downstairs, and after that we chilled and slowly started getting dressed and ready.
Jacquelyn who is an absolute PRO with hair was really sweet and helped me to curl my hair.

Beautiful Jacquelyn x

After fun and games with the groom's entourage who came to fetch the bride, we all headed on to Nottingham Council Hall.

Congratulations to the cute couple!

2nd time being a bridesmaid! x

Second time having the honour of being a bridesmaid...FIRST TIME catching the bouquet!
Does this mean I'm next...?!

Photo: I caught the bouquet! :p

Looks like mum and dad are going to have to do some ringing around for some eligible bachelors!


There was obviously not a single bit of seriousness in that phrase mind you. 

Halfway through dinner, and I was back on the train back to London, getting home just before midnight.
5 hours sleep at back into work for 7am...and down with a cold again.

Despite the tiredness, I still managed to pop by Stacey's CNY dinner party on Wednesday evening for a couple of hours. The food she made was awesome and I'm sure I would have stayed on to enjoy if I didn't have to work at 7am again the next day...

Oh well, at least I had a brief attempt at Chinese calligraphy.

May all your dreams come true x

3. Valentines Day

Say what...?

Unfortunately this day has no particular meaning to me...yet.

After a busy week it is quite a relief to have a free evening to just relax and unwind...and try to recover in time for the weekend!

Macbook, food, wine...sorted x

Right, so that's pretty much what's been happening so far. 

I'm sure mum won't have read this blog until I remind her on Skype during the weekend...and I end up re-sending her the link to my blog for an update! 
Technology...gotta love it x

Okay, think it's time to get the ice cream tub out of the freezer and have a Bridget Jones moment...

One more day til the weekend!

The Cheekster, signing off x

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  1. Fun wedding party you had there and those tulips are soooo lovely!