Saturday, 2 February 2013


January's more month to go!
I'm predicting or rather KNOW that this month is going to be quite hectic, my schedule is already pretty tight for the next couple of weeks. And next week is going to be a NIGHTMARE with expected lack of sleep and rest...further details to follow ;)

Had (another) frustrating day yesterday as the locum got the times mixed up (again!), resulting in me having to cancel my plans after work. Sometimes I just want to swear out loud...or maybe just hit someone in the head. With a sausage. That way I can gain satisfaction from inflicting pain and being entertained at the same time.

Finally finished another late night and my weekend is here...time to chill with some wine.

Watch this space for my upcoming weekend posts. 

Keep smiling x

(Just maybe not in your sleep - because that would be creepy)

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