Sunday, 3 February 2013


Saturday has come and gone again.
We had our little pre-CNY reunion - Wendy booked us a table at the Sushi Samba at Heron Tower, currently the tallest building in the city.
One of the places on my to-do list!
One of the excitements was taking the dedicated lift that ascended at a pretty high speed all the way up to the 38th floor, getting an awesome panoramic view of the city sprawled sexily beneath us - obviously not suitable for those afraid of heights.

We were politely greeted at reception and promptly shown to our table in the vast-windowed space, taking in the colourful interesting (fishing net?) decorations across the ceiling.



 A friendly waiter attended to our table and gave us a brief introduction about the restaurant and 'demystified' the menu’s ethnic mix of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian influences.
Not quite familiar with the elements of each dish, we relied on the waiter to recommend some dishes for us. We also ordered a glass of sake each - I went for the Yuzu Shu, which had a sweet citrus flavour to it.

London roll, Sao Paulo, Wagyu te amo


Serviche trio


And obviously being at such an amazing height, we took the opportunity to take in the view from the bar area and snap some photos.
From there we were able to look down on to Tower Bridge, the snake of the Thames, St Paul’s, but most prominent of all on the Gherkin, which seems almost close enough to leap to. Anyone been practising their Parkour?

Snap-happy smiles with sweet Wendy x
I've read a few mixed reviews in the past about this place, but you can never really trust what the critics say until you try it yourself.
Personally, I find that there is some truth behind the reviews, such as the Metro's restaurant review...

"The real star of SushiSamba isn’t the design, or the service, or the food. It’s London. Only London."

It is a feast for the eyes...which then leaves quite a hole in your pocket (or in my case a scratch on my credit card) and half a belly full (unless you are daring enough to further stretch the bill).
Then again, it's the weekend, always a reason to celebrate isn't it?

The food is no doubt gorgeously presented, and I'm sure there are intricate elements to each dish that I probably didn't notice or appreciate as much.
Nonetheless, despite the high prices, I would still recommend it as a restaurant that all Londoners should experience at least once - particularly during summer on the outdoor terrace. 

Moving on, we headed back to Soho to indulge in our favourite Chatime
And then  on to Covent Garden to do some shopping - managed to find the Zara top and trousers in the sale that I had been hunting for in my size.

As Wendy and Martin had to leave early, Lili and I continued on wandering - ending up at Assa for an early Korean dinner. One of the places I would frequent quite often for the good food at affordable prices.
We ordered the pork and kimchi hotpot and some pork dumplings to share - hot and spicy comfort food on a chilly day mmm...

After a satisfying meal, we popped by Primark to stock up on some cheap essentials e.g. tights, socks etc. And I also went a bit crazy grabbing ballet slippers that had been reduced down to £2/£3 (!!!) 
Yes, I do love my bargains. Especially since I tend to changeover my shoes quite often.

Okay, time to sign off and get some Spanish homework done!

Have a lovely Sunday x


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