Monday, 27 August 2012


Right, so you may remember me wearing this pair of trousers in my sport luxe post.
Today I've paired it with some flats, a chunky necklace and went for another casual look.
Yes, it's a similar top but it's white instead of grey this time!

Top: H&M / Trousers: Zara / Bag: Zara / Shoes: GEOX / Necklace: Forever 21 / Bangles: Sam Ubhi

Met up with the lovely Kellie that I haven't seen in agesss...
We had an early dinner at Tuk Tuk Noodle Bar - a cheap and happy place in Soho, MILES better than the poor excuse for a meal at Wong Kei than I had yesterday!

Pad Thai

Mixed platter

Sweet Kellie x

Feli x
As as you may have guessed we were up to the usual girly gossip - INTENSE girly gossip squeezed into 2 hours since we haven't had much time to catch up!

And no day is complete without some bubbletea at Chatime!

Well there goes the Bank Holiday weekend...back to reality tomorrow. 
Hope everyone else had an amazing weekend x


Notting Hill carnival weekend!
It's been about 5 years since I last went to one, all I vaguely remembered was lots of booty shaking and chocolate covered people.

Filled up with some breakfast round the corner...

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon

Morning coffee

Good morning world x

Passed by this old man and his faithful buddy on his shoulders sharing a pint of beer! Doesn't this just make you go awww...

awww *hearts*

Here's some more photos I snapped along the way...

Pina colada

The crowd waiting for the floats to go by

Having jerk chicken with rice and coleslaw for lunch!

Street party

And here's a short (extremely shaky) video I took when I was on Mike's shoulders!

Despite the muddy, chocolatey mess I was surrounded with I came out unscathed and clean in my plain white top! Until I dribbled some of my Nero mocha down my chin...(doh!) 

We ended up having dinner in Chinatown at Wong Kei (Wonky!) supposedly a cheap and happy place...
Until Mike spotted a rat scurrying below the tables...and we had to wait 30 minutes or more for our below average food...served by a grouchy looking waiter lol...
Obviously being Malaysian, it is 'normal' for me to see scurrying rats...though I don't think Mike was too impressed!
I don't think we'll be heading back again anytime soon!

It was 'Children's Day' at the carnival on Sunday, so I'm guessing Monday's going to be crazier..and wetter...good luck people ha!
BBC Weather NEVER lies...well at least this time it won't ;)

Saturday, 25 August 2012

OUTFIT POST: SPORT LUXE's been quite a while since I did an outfit post!

This is what I wore today:

Top: H&M / Trousers: Zara / Bag: Zara / Wedge trainers: See by Chloe / Bracelets: Forever 21 / 
Earrings: New Look

Just shopped for some staple white tops in town and had a healthy bowl of Vegetable Dumpling noodles at Itsu.
The weather has been pretty temperamental today - took shelter for a while at Forever 21 with the rest of the crowd before deciding to just dash out into the rain under my pink umbrella, skipping over puddles and trying hard not to get my new shoes drenched! 
Coincidentally, there was also a heavy downpour when I first wore my DKNY wedge trainers out, this must be some kind of 'shoe christening' ...

Due to the weather my day out has been short-lived, so I've just been chilling at home, tapping away mindlessly on the Vue Cinema Brave Competition...and other productive things of course! Like checking Twitter...ha!
As I patiently wait for someone to my bottle of rose ready and chilled in the fridge x

Fingers crossed that tomorrow will bring some better weather! 
Notting Hill Carnival baby!

Monday, 20 August 2012


So once again I have had the honour of accompanying Mei on one of her lucky wins - this time for the London Premiere of Samsara, a non-verbal film from Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson, creators of Baraka (1992) and Chronos (1985).

SAMSARA is a Sanskrit word that means “the ever turning wheel of life”, the film transporting us to sacred grounds, disaster zones, industrial sites, and natural wonders
 It was filmed over 5 years in 25 countries, one of only a handful of films shot on 70mm in the past 40 years!
The premiere was held at Soho Hotel in one of the private function rooms.

Pre-movie drinks, courtesy of Mei's camera x

Short interview with Ron Fricke & Mark Magidson before the start of the movie

Me & Mei x

Q&A session at end of movie

It was only a short movie, running time of approximately 1.5 hours. The images captured seemed to flow well from one country to another and cleverly intertwined, with soothing music playing in the background. Some parts a bit TOO soothing and calm, I have to admit it was hard for me stifling my yawns and trying hard not to nod off to sleep! 
But the images were indeed very beautiful, focusing quite a lot on the people from different cultures.

It's not just your average traditional documentary or compilation of summer holiday pictures, but rather images that enables us as viewers to make our own interpretations without any distractions from dialogue or text.

After the short Q&A session, we headed to have some noodles for supper!
The perfect way to end a good night ;)

To end on an unrelated note...apparently Keith Lemon was in the building before he was swiftly driven off to his movie premiere!

Shame I arrived at Soho Hotel too late to catch him! 
I blame Google maps... 

Anyways, Samsara is due for a nationwide release on 31st August 2012.

Note: For those who are looking for fist-pumping, heart-stopping, thriller-seeking action!...this is not for you!

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Just a while ago I entered an online competition by Nokia UK and amazingly I won a pair of weekend camping tickets to V Festival 2012 at Weston Park!
This very strange occurrence was rather unexpected because:

1. I very seldom win competitions
2. I have never been to a music festival, what more CAMP at one!

Yes, I am, or WAS a festival virgin...even my landlady, Sarah, found it amusing how it so graciously fell into my grasps when there are others more desperate to get their hands on the tickets.
The festival virgin going to the Virgin Festival, very appropriate indeed.
And to think I almost got the dates wrong thinking that it was next week.

Free tickets worth 180 pounds each!

Thankfully I had a man with experience!

Stuck in traffic!

After a painful 3.5 hour drive, delayed by the flippin'(!) traffic, we finally arrived. We were obviously one of the late stragglers as many would have started pithcing their tents on Friday or early Saturday morning. But sharp-eyed Mike managed to find us a small spot in the sea of polystyrene tents!

Hunting for a spot!

V Festival baby! ... and my festival arm candy!

Chilling in the park

Tinie Tempah @ Virgin Media Stage

Nero @ The Arena
Took some videos on my Iphone, all very shaky (!) because of the crowd and excitement. Here's one of Tinie Tempah and Snow Patrol!:

I definitely over-exceeded my daily sugar intake with over-priced drinks and alcohol, but it's all good.

Despite me and my OCD moments, I managed to overcome this and blocked out the horrific images of salmonella and E. Coli as I closed my eyes each time I entered the portable public toilets...
We didn't stay on to watch the Sunday events but there's always next time.
Also didn't catch much sleep so it's going to be an early night for me.
I had my festival gear on but the fashionista in me forgot to take some photos (doh!). 
Oh well, let's just assume I looked good *wink* ha!

It's official - the festival virgin is 'festival-devirginized' x

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Pray for more good weather next weekend!