Thursday, 28 June 2012


As much as I tried to resist...the shopaholic in me has once again prevailed!
Most of the shops had already started their summer sales but I was patient and waited for the one... maybe I got tempted by Mango before that! 
Nonetheless I knew this day would come soon...and I got a sense of excitement when I saw that the Zara sale was finally here!
I am quite a picky shopper and tend to stick to certain shops, Zara being one of them. Places like Topshop, Miss Selfridge, New Look etc aren't quite my cup of tea (or coffee?) nowadays.


Yes, I was so excited I actually stayed up till 12 midnight so that I could catch a glimpse of potential bargains buys on items I have had my eyes on for a while. 
There seemed to be limited items on the website so today after my short(-er-than-usual) shift at work I headed straight into town to battle the throngs of women who were already ahead of me in the sales.
I'm quite a 'seasoned' shopper at Zara so I roughly know what sizes fits me best depending on the type of clothing. Hence it was quite a breeze for me just scanning the rails and gathering my potential buys. The weather outside was AWESOME it felt like I was back in Malaysia, and I visited not only one but all four of the Zara stores in the area. A determined shopper I am indeed. 

Cooling off with a fruit smoothie x

I have to admit I have been pretty 'in-control' of my spending today - I didn't go past the 3-digit figure today ha!
After hours of searching I finally bagged myself a couple of shorts and tops - I do love my shorts in the summer. You'll see me wearing them in my future posts.
The rest of the time I just aimlessly wandered the side streets and soaked in the rays of sunshine.

By the time I was finished it was after-office hours, and as people hung around the pubs and bars having pints of beer, I headed off to one of my favourite food places - Wholefoods, to pack home my healthy dinner.

And that pretty much sums up another solo day out.

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Monday, 25 June 2012


A post that was from yesterday:

Sunday started out as quite a grey chilly morning and as always I was prepared with my trusty Fulton umbrella. 

As the rain suddenly started with heavy drops sending people on the street scurrying to seek shelter, me and my friend thought we were prepared as we swiftly took out our umbrellas and continued walking under the pelting rain. It was literally within seconds that we were ambushed by this HUGE gust of wind and bullets of water coming at us at 45 degree angles...that killed our umbrellas. Oh what a sight it must have been as the two of us ran against the rain trying to shelter our already drenched bodies with half-broken umbrellas. Yes, my supposedly wind-proof umbrella was left broken and battered, there was no hope left for her - as I buried her in a nearby trashcan. The both of us on the other hand were left cold and shivering at the entrance of T.k.maxx - I think I was more concerned about my wet, disheveled hair (which I had just washed in the morning!) rather than about catching a cold.

Literally seconds after we ran inside, the rain stopped...and the sun decided to come out - what luck ay. Looks like my leather jacket and shoes just got their first experience of rain, and probably not the last.

We eventually dried off and treated ourselves to lunch at Yauatcha in Soho - a contemporary dim sum teahouse, the younger sibling of Hakkasan which I blogged about in an earlier post.


Prawn, cuttlefish and zucchini dumpling

Fried duck and pumpkin dumpling

Sirloin beef and enoki mushroom cheung fun
We ordered our favourite dessert, hoping that it would taste as amazing as the one at Hakkasan! This one was different though, the one at Hakkasan was steamed and covered in ground peanuts, whilst this was deep fried and coated with sesame seeds. 
It did take a while for it to arrive, during which we were served some complimentary macaroons - I'm guessing because I was served a dirty, chipped plate...

Complimentary macaroons

Deep fried sesame balls
Overall looks pretty classy, though service was a bit slow particularly as it was during lunchtime. Both levels were packed with customers - not as many Asian people except for maybe the younger 'hip' ones - like us ha! Traditional dad would be astonished by the exorbitant prices of the dim sum... 

And now back to the present day:

Today I became a London tourist guide ha! Majority of the time I just walked aimlessly but ended up at the destination somehow! Yes you can always trust a woman's sense of direction.

Weather was good and Camden Town was buzzing as usual - had an awesome sausage with potatoes for lunch from a Polish stall.

Today I decided to go for the sporty young street look, not quite my everyday look but it's cool to mix it up a bit sometimes. I think my new trainers make me feel more youthful lol.
And I got stopped by people from Cosmopolitan to get a photo snapped and briefly interviewed for a quick feature on street-wear lol! How very intriguing...

Skirt: Zara TRF / Top: H&M / Bag: Zara / Shoes: DKNY / Accessories: Sam Ubhi & Forever 21

Well I guess that's my weekend over and it's back to the work routine tomorrow!



Sunday, 24 June 2012


This week has definitely not been my week - the week when plans did not go as planned!
Nonetheless it's always good to have a back-up plan - or at least make one up as you go along!

After 5 hours of sleep having worked the late shift the night before and then a flipping early shift in the morning, I still was determined to make the most of my weekend - sleeping during the day is not an option.

What I wore today...

Going for the sporty chic look today x

 I'm loving my new DKNY High Top Trainers...they're comfortable to walk in plus they give me extra height! 

I love looking for new places to try out and I found this cute little temaki shop which had just opened just over a month ago in Soho - Yoobi, London's first Temakeria!

Lunch for one x

I ordered the Citrus Salmon and Tuna Tartar, and a bottle of fresh guava juice - healthy eating, yummy. Each one was freshly prepared upon ordering and was served promptly at the table. I'm going to be heading back there a few times to try the rest of the menu! I liked the really laid-back environment whilst I ate and read my Marie Claire magazine.
I was served by Carolina who was really lovely and helpful when explaining the menu.
For those who love sushi, check this place out x

Next I craved for bubbletea - again. I went to try out Bubbleology mentioned by my cousin, this time I was not disappointed! I ordered a large Taro milk tea - it was rich and creamy, not diluted like the ones I've tried in various locations in London. Although it could have done with a little less ice and more tapioca pearls...? 
This girl is hard to satisfy.

After satisfying my tummy I headed off to the V&A museum. I initially planned to visit the Ballgowns exhibition, but then it was sold out by the time I arrived - bummer. So I just had a quick browse around the other galleries. I didn't get that far as I was running out of time and my feet were starting to hurt me from all the walking.

The White Wedding

The Fashion System

Alexander McQueen x
Also snapped some pretty little intricate displays...

Japan - handmade porcelain bowl

China - something for incense

The V&A was supposed to be my final destination before going home to rest for the day...and then the unthinkable happened.


I walked into the sale...!

Yes...the shopaholic in me got drawn into the shop like a magnet. You'll probably see me wearing some new pieces in future posts x

Time to drift off to dreamland...

Lets see what tomorrow brings.



Friday, 22 June 2012


Yes, my order which was placed about 3 weeks ago has finally arrived!
I'm absolutely crazy about accessories - especially these ones particularly because they have one of my favourite quotes engraved on them x

Bangles x

Set of 4 rings x

Earrings x

My Sam Ubhi collection x

I bought these online during a sales promotion, I love a good bargain!

Can't wait to wear them out this weekend x

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Finished work early again today, I could get used to these short shifts...

Outfit of the day...

As I've mentioned before, I do LOVE my stripes x
Met up with Catherine whom I haven't seen for ages since our flute group in Leeds!
We had lunch at some Mediterranean  restaurant near London Bridge. 

Starter - chickpea soup I think??

Some rice with chicken casserole

Complimentary after-dinner nibbles

Then we headed to Tate Modern to have a little browse...

How is this a SNAIL...???
The Snail - by Henri Matisse

Any old books that need recycling anyone?

A rather freaky contraption to be hanging in the living room don't you think?

I do that everyday! Yes I do find myself quite a work of art...ha!

Related to caption above x

Didn't have much time left before they closed, the Damien Hirst exhibition is on til 9 September 2012 if anyone is interested.

Walked past a part of town we've never been and wandered off to Covent Garden - there were some rather cute telephone booths on display.

As you can see I like to make the most of my free time - time after work is NOT meant for sleepy time!

London, I just love you even more with each passing day...x

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Finally...sun's decided to come out to play!

Today's post is going to be short and simple to summarize the day x

Had an early finish at work today so I had the chance to escape out into the warm sunshine!
Checking BBC weather has now become my daily ritual in the morning - so that I can dress appropriately for the weather!

Bare legs today!

Found a cute limited edition pack of M&Ms...

It's been a while since the last time I walked around Portobello so I just had a little browse around.
And made it in time for the BOGOF at Costa - 5 minutes before the offer ended!

My new baby has been in hiding since I got back from Malaysia - so I decided it was time for him to see some light. Yes...I decided that my Nikon is a he. As they say, opposites attract...

Amateur - ha!

Being a first time owner of a DSLR with no absolutely nil's going to take a lot of trial and error snaps to figure out how to use it. 
Even Mackerel wasn't spared...

Accidental flash - oops!
Plans haven't been going according to planned this week - I'm going to have to make some back-up plans from now on x

Halfway through the week now, hang in there people x