Sunday, 23 December 2012


It's always a special day when I get to spend it with my special person.
Met up with Wai Kit and accompanied him to try on a suit at Moss Bros. 
Doesn't he look so smart and all grown-up x


As always we never can decide on where to eat so we ended up at Ping Pong along Great Malborough Street, as it looked pretty cute - good enough reason to step inside isn't it?
Judging from the menu it appeared to be another one of those modernized dim sum places.
 When trying to choose a drink my eyes automatically locked on the Lychee & Rose martini - I love anything with lychee.
Look at that baby...

We both ordered a set meal from the festive menu each, priced at £25.00pp.
The list seemed more extensive when we placed our orders, but the portions appeared much smaller than we expected when served.

Prawn crackers
Steamed dumplings, 'char siu pao' and sticky rice
Puff pastries and fried rolls
Mango cake and mochi

The Little Boy
The Little Girl

Presentation-wise pretty average, but the food was quite tasty. Though not a place I would normally frequent for dim sum at those prices.
But as long as I had good company I'm happy - and I did love my martini x

We then headed to grab some bubbletea at Chatime - kamquat green tea mmm...
Whilst waiting for our drinks we also observed some rather pretentious Asians placing their orders after us.
I tried to stifle my giggles as I watched WK roll his eyes.

Kitkit's first Chatime!

After a long day of walking around London we had to go our separate ways again.
One more(-ish) day until Christmas and I still haven't wrapped the presents - drats! Oh well, there's still tomorrow!

Thank you little boy for another lovely day out. I miss you already.

ps: Don't forget that list!

And here's my little random photo of the day...

Cute isn't it? :)

Hope everyone is in that happy festive mood!

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