Sunday, 16 December 2012


After a whole morning of doing laundry and Skype-ing with the parents, I headed out into town to meet my cousin, Clare.

We stopped by the Real Food Market at Southbank Centre where I had my first taste of strudel - Clare had a pumpkin and soft cheese strudel whilst I had the spinach and feta.

Had a wander along the river where all the Christmas market stalls were lined up, with loads of Santacons hanging about in their bright red costumes.

Who's the real santa??

I also had my first taste of mulled cider mmm...this is definitely going to be on my to-drink list this season.

As we had time to kill before dinner, we thought it would be the perfect time to indulge in some ice cream at The Parlour Restaurant, Fortnum & Mason. We'd fortunately just missed the rush hour and managed to get seated at a table - strange how there are more people eating ice cream there during winter than in the summer!

The entire menu looked really tempting but we eventually decided to share an ice cream sundae and a sorbet flight:

Dusty Road
Amedei® Chocolate, Chocolate Macadamia Nut Biscuit and Sandringham® Coffee ice creams coated in toffee sauce and decorated with amaretti, flaked chocolate and whipped cream

Our sorbet flight selection
Bellini Classico Sorbet, Gin & Tonic Sorbet, Blood Orange Sorbet

We then did some window shopping to 'burn off' the calories - there's sales everywhere but I'm trying to resist as the best is yet to come!

And to finish off our foodie day, we ended up at Mildreds - a vegetarian restaurant in Soho. The place was packed but they managed to squeeze us in at the corner. There was hardly a foot separating each table, we had to shuffle our table about a couple of times for other customers to be seated - talk about maximizing the use of space!

Anyway, I had the most amazing risotto cake - well I say the 'most' amazing even though it's my first time having risotto cake. I love risotto, and having it battered and deep-fried just made it even tastier - nice and crisp on the outside and smooth and creamy on the inside.
I actually saw a dish ordered by a lady sitting the window, and thought to myself 'wow, that looks good'. So I took a lucky guess from the menu and got it right!

Sunblushed tomato, mozzarella and basil risotto cake served with wilted spinach, green beans and grape mustard cream sauce

So good, but so filling as well!
I think I would probably visit this place again sometime.

And no day out would be complete without a photo together.
This isn't the most flattering photo of us, with our wind-blown hair and food-stuffed faces, but there you go!


Next time take photo at the beginning of day before stuffing ourselves silly with food.


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  1. lovely pic with ur cousin.... like the x mas market