Sunday, 4 November 2012


After my unsuccessful first attempt at trying out the much-talked-about Bubbledogs the other day, I am pleased to say that I finally managed to get in for Saturday lunch.

We arrived there pretty early before the long lunch queues started, and were seated after a short 5 minute wait.
It was kind of small but cosy inside, and we got some bench seats by the stairs. Initially a bit of a tight squeeze - probably because the small Asian guy next to us was taking up more space than he needed! - but he left a few minutes after so we could finally spread out and sit more comfortably.
I ordered the Sloppy Joe whilst Mike had the Buffalo. 
We also ordered a portion of Tots and Sweet potato fries to share and two glasses of  Chartogne Taillet.

Now for some foodie snaps...

Tots & Sweet potato fries
Happy tummies = Happy smiles
The queue building up outside as we were on our way out

The meal came to a total of £42.75, including service charge - a bit on the pricy side for lunch considering it was a bit like having fast food. Not a place I'd frequent too often, but I would recommend at least one visit for the experience.
The waiters/waitresses were nice and polite and they also offer to keep your coats for you whilst you dine.
Again, it's one of those places with a no-reservation policy except if you are booking for a table of 6 or more. I'd suggest going during lunchtime or turning up earlier before peak times if you intend to go there for dinner.

As for dinner, we had a lovely experience of dining in one of Gordon Ramsey's restaurants - Maze in Grosvenor Square. It serves French cuisine with Asian influences in tasting sized dishes - definitely up my alley!
We had the option of the Chef's menu (7 courses £70.00pp or £125.00pp with drink pairings) or ordering from the A la carte menu. We decided on the latter, selecting 3 dishes each as recommended by the waiter, and shared a bottle of Malbec and still water. 

As always I have my handy camera with me (would I consider myself Asian if I didn't?)
I think the table next to us felt more comfortable to take their own camera out after watching me snapping away as I usually do!

Complimentary bread and butter
Wine mmm...
My sexy man x
Food always makes me happy :)
Rabbit, smoked duck and foie gras terrine, flat peaches, sauternes gel, bitter almond
Marinated yellow fin tuna, compressed apple, coriander, horseradish, ponzu

After remembering to turn on the flash on my camera...

Braised feather blade of beef, pomme purée, shimeji mushroom, togarashi spice
Dumpling of lobster, tiger prawn and salmon, aromatic lemon grass broth
Rose veal loin and tongue, coco bean cassoulet, violet mustard
Scottish hand - dived scallops, turnip, cauliflower, basil velouté

And to finish off our lovely meal, some sweet desserts... 

Bitter chocolate délice, ‘black forest’
Bakewell tart
Lovely, relaxed atmosphere, and the food was a-MAZE-ing (pardon the pun)

A bit of confusion with regard to our reservation at the beginning, but other than that, service was excellent - the waiters/waitresses were very attentive and polite. 
I would definitely recommend a visit, it's always good to treat yourselves once in a while! (or every weekend in my case hehe)
Just be prepared to let your beloved credit card/wallet to get a pretty good beating, especially if you have a big appetite -
don't be wary, it will definitely be for a worthy cause x 

One more post coming up! To check out Part I of the weekend summary click HERE

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