Monday, 5 November 2012


Popped into Tapas Brindisa at London Bridge today as it was the most convenient choice we had in the area. I've come across some reviews of this place in the past so thought it would be a good place to try out.

It was about lunchtime and the place was quite busy - always a good sign I suppose (?)

After listening to some recommendations from the waiter, these were what we ordered...

Ginger ale and lemonade - no alcohol for us today x
Country toasted bread

The waiter also gave us some 'complimentary' alioli - I can't imagine it would have cost much for an extra dollop of dipping sauce...

Traditional black rice with squid and alioli
Croquetas de jamon (cured iberiam ham croquetas)

The croquettes were quite tasty, though I found it a bit too rich it was a bit of a struggle finishing my second one.

Gambas al ajilo (chilli garlic prawns)

Prawns were very fresh and springy, not over-cooked, and of decent size with the ends of the tails still attached. But do I think it was worth £8.95? Hmm...

Wild mushrooms - sauteed wild mushrooms on toast with manchego cheese and truffle oil

Mushrooms were nicely sauteed (though a wee bit salty for me), and the truffle oil wasn't too over-whelming. Mushrooms and cheese are definitely among my favourite foods - this irresistible temptation however came at a price of £8.50 (!)

Lamb skewers with roasted aubergine and piquillo pepper

Last but not least, we had a lamb skewer each, grilled with just a slight pink tinge on them.

The entire meal came to a total of approximately £55.00, including service charge - the reviews were indeed true...good tapas, but at a higher cost than average!

There goes my lunch money for the week...

If you intend to visit this place sometime in future, I'd say about 4-5 dishes would be enough to share between 2 people (or 3 people if you have small appetites!)

And here are some quick snippets of Monmouth Coffee that I stopped by earlier for a dose of caffeine.


Cafe au lait
I've been here a couple of times and love the relaxing atmosphere and amazing coffee. 
A great place to chill out if you're in the area.

Coming up on the next post - Oxford Street Christmas Lights!

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  1. What a great looking cafe! I've never salivated for bread more! HAHAHA and those chilli garlic prawns look delicious!!