Saturday, 10 November 2012


Had a relaxing day out with my sweet friend Lili who's just moved to London - oh how I remember when I first moved down almost 7 months ago, how time flies!

First stop to fill up our empty tummies:
Kaffeine, an independent, Australian/New Zealand owned café located at 66 Great Titchfield Street in Fitzrovia, just north of Oxford Street.


 The cafe is quite small, with limited seating - but cosy and welcoming inside with it's warm earth tones, and great to just chill out and have a light meal, as long as you don't mind sharing tables with other customers.
I ordered a flat white and a gala apple with calvados and walnuts sweet muffin.
Lili had a tasty mixed salad dish and a cup of mocha.
The waiters/waitresses were polite and served drinking water without us even needing to ask. 
They have a weekly menu that they post on their blog, which I think is  great idea that adds variety - not like your typical, commercialized Starbucks/Costa/Nero that are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere.


The food on the counter looked so colourful and tasty, and tasted just as good. And not forgetting the amazing coffee - would definitely recommend a visit. 

We then headed on to Primark on Tottenham Court Road - spent a good 2 hours or so in there (!) and both of us ended up with a happy bag of bargains.
I think I've found a new shopping buddy teehee x

The shopping really worked up an appetite and we both mutually agreed to have Korean - Assa was too long a wait, so we ended up at Bi Bim Bap in Soho.
It was about 4pm by the time we arrived, so it was either a late lunch or an early dinner, still can't quite decide, hmm... 

The signature dish here is bibimbap (what could have possibly given it away?), which is available in ten versions - I ordered the Chilli Chicken whilst Lili ordered the Chilli Pork. 
For drinks we had oolong tea.
Speedy service and low prices, a good place for those on a  budget - though I still don't see the justice behind the additional £1.00 for an egg...
Like most Asian places I've been to, you don't expect to see smiley faces on the waiter/waitresses - but as long as the food is cheap and satisfying no one's going to notice much. 

As it was a nice (but chilly) evening, we decided to be 'hard-working' and walked back to Lili's place instead of taking the tube.

This is a rough idea of our walking route...

Distance approximately 2.5 miles
May have possibly crossed a different bridge but that's pretty much the distance we covered.

It took us about an hour, but we finally got there!
And I'm not even tired from it.
These boots (and legs) were definitely made for walking *ahem*
Now for a relaxing evening watching Saturday night TV with a glass of wine (and maybe more vitamin c)
Life is good x

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