Sunday, 14 October 2012


I've once again been neglecting my dear blog quite a bit, but here's a quick summary of what I've been up to on the weekend!

On Saturday, I went to try out one of the free walks - I went for the Arch Villains organised by the Westminster Guides. Quite a chilly day but it was a nice relaxing walk wandering along the posh areas where 'the other half' a.k.a. super-rich linger.

Then met up with a girlfriend for lunch at Tuk Tuk Noodle Bar in Soho - not impressed at all with the food this time round I'm not even going to post the disappointing photos!
Food came out really fast but after tasting it you can tell why - the chicken green curry tasted like something out of a can (not that I've eaten curry out of a can, but I would imagine that would be what it would have tasted like!), sauce on the roast duck was, 'gloopey', fried rice was bland with hardly any ingredients...need I say more?

On a brighter shopping in town was rather fruitful. Finally found a proper water-proof jacket with a hood - try and catch me off-guard now you horrid rain!

On Sunday we had breakfast at Princi, an Italian panetteria which looked really classy and stylish. We initially wanted to try out The Breakfast Club, but didn't think it was worth queuing up for breakfast on a Sunday, another place hyped-up by social media I believe!

Anyway, we both had the croissant with scrambled eggs and pancetta, and I had jasmine tea whilst the man enjoyed his coffee. We arrived quite early considering it was a Sunday morning so it wasn't quite as busy yet and we were seated immediately.
Didn't have the chance to sample anything from the bakery but there was an amazing array of Italian p√Ętisserie and desserts on display - might pop in again next time. 
There's a few mixed reviews online about the place, but I believe there's no harm trying something out at least once to get a personal opinion.

My hunky man x
Food mmm...

Fueled up after breakfast, we headed on for yet another salsa session by the humourous Alastair! 
Saw a couple of people from the last session, and became acquainted with a few other somewhat 'interesting' characters (the bitch in me secretly rolled her eyes and put on a sweet polite smile ha x)  
Bitching aside, Alastair is such a fun and amazing salsa teacher, I might try booking an Improvers course sometime soon.
I found a few of the moves a tad bit confusing (Mike more so than myself haha, he's really trying - he's my special big man *hearts*) so looks like we'll be doing some home practice next weekend. 

I hate how weekends pass by so fast... let's hope I can find some interesting things to post in the week.

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  1. Nommy<3 & kuddos to you for taking up salsa~ I've only tried it a few times but, I was so terrible at it >,<


    1. haha it was really fun, some of my steps r still a bit clumsy but hopefully will improve :D x