Sunday, 21 October 2012


After MONTHS since our last meet-up I finally managed to catch the very busy CCWK on this chilly Saturday morning.
Me, being the foodie lover, picked out Burger & Lobster in Soho. We were one of the first ones to be seated having turned up bright and early to avoid the queues.


We both ordered the grilled lobster which came with a side of fries and salad, which I believe was the most popular selection. For drinks, I ordered a glass of rose and the little boy had some lager. 


I've rarely eaten much lobster in the past, mainly because it's usually SO expensive in restaurants. However, here you can experience the luxury at a mere 20 pounds per dish, with the additional expenses depending on what drinks you order. 

The lobster was tasty, with a fresh and spring-y texture.
 When ordering the lobster, you should prepare yourself to get down and dirty with those fingers (no x-rated thoughts/ideas allowed here please!)
And for those who are easily grossed out and not used to eating shelled creatures, there are some rather gooey innards...
Digging into the tiny legs and claws scrummaging for meat reminds me of eating crabs back home in Malaysia (seafood heaven mmm...)
If you are a messy eater I'd suggest you wear something dark to camouflage your food splatters (!)...or you also have the option of requesting for some plastic bibs (which we only realised after we had finished). I went in wearing a winter-white top and came out unscathed - which doesn't happen very often.
Service was prompt and efficient for us on this visit. Again mixed reviews online, mostly with regard to the service, so I advise that, if you want an enjoyable meal here I'd suggest to turn up early before peak time.
Burger & Lobster have a no-reservations policy, but the newer branch in Soho does accept reservations for 6 or more.

We then headed to L'eto Caffe for some dessert. It was a bit packed but we managed to find a little table to squeeze in. Service wasn't too good, and the man ahead of me was taking AGES to make his order - and they call us women fickle-minded (!)
The lady at the cashier then scurried away preparing the order and took quite a while before coming back - in my opinion you should have a permanent staff attending at the counter and leave the table services to the other waiters/waitresses - an example of poor management.

Anyway, ranting aside, as tempted as I was to order the millefeuille that I had on my last visit, I opted for the honeycake whilst WK had the ricotta cheesecake.
And we both order London Hot Chocolate for drinks.


The honeycake was nice and light, without being too sweet, but maybe lacking a bit more flavour?. 
The hot chocolate was much milk-ier than I was expecting and could have been a bit hotter. 

One last photo before we part again x

I think we did as much walking as we did eating on that day. The poor boy has got a bit of a cold and was still sweet enough to come out today - thank you Kitkit! x
Hope you get well soon x


  1. Lovely place and lovely food!

  2. Looked like an eventful day! & the food porn looks amazing~


  3. Those sweets look sooo yummy:)))! Just found your blog and following you now on GFC! Check my blog out if you'd like:)!!

    Rita @

    1. thanks rita :) following yours back now x

  4. That grilled lobster dish looks so good and the price is so reasonable too. Both the desserts look so yummy as well. you are making me so hungry >-<


  5. I am starting to think its not a good idea to visit your blog so late at night.. (or early at 1 AM) everything looks so delicious and I am craving pretty much anything i can find in my pantry.. lol