Saturday, 27 October 2012


As the temperature continues to drop, it's always best to layer up! 
Single digit temperatures already, oh dear...

Here's today's outfit:


Met up with Stacey for some morning coffee at Costa and started to read Reflected In You by Sylvia Day, the second book in the Crossfire series that just came out a couple of days ago - back to some sexy reading!

We then both met up with the lovely Theodora and made our way to Jamie Oliver's - a place that I've avoided for quite a while due to some mixed reviews, but thought I'd try it out anyway to find out for myself!
We did have to wait for (over) half an hour, during which we were given a beeper that buzzed to tell us when out table was ready. 

I ordered the Black Angel Spaghetti, Stacey had the Start Bay Crab Risotto, and Dora had the Baked Shetland Salmon. We also ordered a couple of starters to share - Sweet Mini Chilli Peppers and Crispy Squid.
And not forgetting to order most importantly...a bottle of wine x
They had run out of house wine (!!!) so we settled for a cheaper alternative.

Cheers x
Crispy squid
Sweet mini chilli peppers

We were sat near the entrance so it was quite chilly, but warmed up after we started eating. I did like the starters - the squid was nice and crisp which went well with the garlicky mayo, lemon and chilli, and the mini chilli peppers were quite cute, though it would have been better if they were spicier! 
The squid ink pasta was good but I felt the portion of scallops was pretty pathetic - it looked like only one or two scallops were used which were thinly sliced. Tasty sauce, but so stingy with the ingredients - shame.
The waitress that served us seemed quite abrupt and not-as-friendly when taking our orders. And when asking her to split the bill she made some sarcastic remark like 'Oh, you did not divide it yourselves and would like me to do it?' - excuse me lady is that not part of your job (?!)
Nonetheless, we left some tips anyway - because we're such nice people haha.

We didn't stay on for dessert but instead went shopping round town - amazingly I did not buy anything today!

Ended up at Carluccio's at St Christopher's Place for some sweeties... 

Moscato d'Asti mmm...
Torta di frutta
Meringa con panna al frutta della passione

I had the fruit tart which was ok, but nothing special. I LOVED the Moscato d'Asti - I think I'm becoming quite an alcoholic these days ha x
And not forgetting to mention that the staff here were SO much friendlier.

It's been an awesome day with the girls, and now spending some quality time at home with...x 
My tummy has been having a good time today, though I'm not too sure about my hips...and bum!

SO glad it's not snowing with hailstones in London.
Oh how I miss the north...NOT!

Have a good night everyone x



  1. looks like fun

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