Wednesday, 31 October 2012


So today I have been a bit naughty...and skipped Spanish. Then again it was the last lesson of the course and I'm pretty sure I didn't miss out on much. It's been a good 5-week course and rather fun being the 'geeky-only-girl-in-the-class' ha x

I must say that my evening was 'well-spent' as I managed to tick another restaurant off my 'TO-DO' list!
Yes, I have a visual list in my mind of places I want to eat at - which seems to grow longer each time I read more reviews!
The goal of completing this list seems unlikely, yet I shall persevere.

We arrived early enough to be able to get a seat - approximately half an hour from queuing and waiting for our names to be called for a table, which was pretty reasonable.

The staff members were also kind enough to bring out some finger food (deep-fried onion rings/pickles) for us to munch on whilst waiting to enter the restaurant.
Upon entering I gave my name to the waiter before heading to the bar to order some drinks whilst we waited for a table to become available. 

Loved the grungy and dark interior decor - walls covered in graffiti, with super-loud rockabilly/hillbilly/garage playing in the background.  
Make sure you don't have a sore-throat as you'd probably have to shout across the table to have a conversation.

Yes, that would be pretty much how I would look naked - just 10x sexier haha x

We both ordered cocktails - Stacey had the Silver Angel (and a mojito later on) whilst I had...if I remember correctly it was called 'Time of the month'(???), or something along those lines! 
Anyway, it had strawberry in it, which I loved x
The price of the cocktails here are a bit more expensive, with an average price of 7.00 pounds.

For food, we both ordered the Mushroom Swiss burger and a portion of Phili Cheese Fries to share.
Good ol' devilish-ly greasy food - YUMMY.
The patties are made from 100% beef, topped with additions such as pickles, cheese, red onions, chilli or the secret 'dead hippie' sauce, and served in a glazed bun. 
The onion rings looked really tempting so I'll probably order them on my next visit!

Do not count the NOT count the calories...

Just look at those babies..and all that CHEESE...*drools*

Overall pretty good value for the meal, and service was pretty efficient. Except for when the waitress accidentally knocked my beloved Iphone off the table and onto the floor!

Okay, time to catch up on some sleep.

I think I can still smell a slight whiff of onion in my hair.

Good night lovely readers x


  1. mmmmmmm yummyyyy

  2. There's so interesting decoration in this restaurant! I like it!

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