Thursday, 13 September 2012


So today I attended an event at Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge that I had 'RSVP-ed' to just over a week ago thanks to my lovely friend Mei x

I had just finished my 11-hour shift at work and arrived almost an hour late, having to endure the rush hour on public transport. 

Here's some photos from the event courtesy of Mei's camera...

Some of the tasty canapes that I missed out on (!)

harvey 2
harvey 3
Estee Lauder
harvey 4
Me and the lovely Mei x

Had a nice time sipping prosecco and sampling some of the Tom Ford perfumes - I particularly liked the CafĂ© Rose Eau de Parfum...except for the hefty price of £135.00 for 50mL (!)
I did get a cute 4mL sample bottle though as a keepsake x

We all received a discount card that entitled us to 10% off which was valid for a week. 
Not that I'll be doing any big spending this time round...unless I won the lottery.
Though I did eye a gorgeous Vivienne Westwood bag...
Going to keep my eyes out for the sales, patience is after all a virtue x

One more day till the weekend x

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