Sunday, 5 August 2012


I spent most of Saturday glued to the TV watching the London Olympics 2012 - yes, surprisingly enough I am drawn into all this Olympic fever with the rest of the world!

Had dinner at a lovely Japanese restaurant that we stumbled upon in Soho - Bincho on Old Compton Street. We ordered 2 portions of rice, The Seven Samurai, and a couple from the Yakitori selection. 

Sho Chikubai Hot Sake - served warm in traditional flask/tokkuri, the blue rings at the bottom of the cup (ochokko) are used to judge the sake's clarity.

Unagi - eel with sansho pepper

The Seven Samurai

Aigamo - duck breast, wasabi and spring onion

Ninniku Chahan (buttered garlic rice) and Oyako Don (steamed rice with chicken, soft cooked egg & spring onion)

Finished off with one of my favourite indulgences - bubbletea mmm...

My little taste of heaven x

On a rather temperamental Sunday (weather-wise), we fueled up with some home-made breakfast by the Little Chef! 
Yes, I do an AWESOME scrambled egg ha!

Bagel with scrambled egg and smoked salmon

When we got into town, we managed to catch some of the Marathon action!
Absolutely love the excitement in the atmosphere - definitely the best time to be in London.

Trafalgar Square


We then wandered around Southbank and nibbled around the Real Food Market

Gelato mmm...

Someone running low on energy ha :p

It's back to watching the Olympics now - Men's 100m final in a few minutes!
Bolt, Blake, Powell, Gatlin?!
And not forgetting to mention - how AMAZING is Team GB doing!
3rd on the Leader board so far woohoo!


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