Sunday, 19 August 2012


Just a while ago I entered an online competition by Nokia UK and amazingly I won a pair of weekend camping tickets to V Festival 2012 at Weston Park!
This very strange occurrence was rather unexpected because:

1. I very seldom win competitions
2. I have never been to a music festival, what more CAMP at one!

Yes, I am, or WAS a festival virgin...even my landlady, Sarah, found it amusing how it so graciously fell into my grasps when there are others more desperate to get their hands on the tickets.
The festival virgin going to the Virgin Festival, very appropriate indeed.
And to think I almost got the dates wrong thinking that it was next week.

Free tickets worth 180 pounds each!

Thankfully I had a man with experience!

Stuck in traffic!

After a painful 3.5 hour drive, delayed by the flippin'(!) traffic, we finally arrived. We were obviously one of the late stragglers as many would have started pithcing their tents on Friday or early Saturday morning. But sharp-eyed Mike managed to find us a small spot in the sea of polystyrene tents!

Hunting for a spot!

V Festival baby! ... and my festival arm candy!

Chilling in the park

Tinie Tempah @ Virgin Media Stage

Nero @ The Arena
Took some videos on my Iphone, all very shaky (!) because of the crowd and excitement. Here's one of Tinie Tempah and Snow Patrol!:

I definitely over-exceeded my daily sugar intake with over-priced drinks and alcohol, but it's all good.

Despite me and my OCD moments, I managed to overcome this and blocked out the horrific images of salmonella and E. Coli as I closed my eyes each time I entered the portable public toilets...
We didn't stay on to watch the Sunday events but there's always next time.
Also didn't catch much sleep so it's going to be an early night for me.
I had my festival gear on but the fashionista in me forgot to take some photos (doh!). 
Oh well, let's just assume I looked good *wink* ha!

It's official - the festival virgin is 'festival-devirginized' x

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Pray for more good weather next weekend!


  1. looks fun!!!

    1. it twas indeed! shame it ended so soon x

  2. i looooove your bracelets & that concert looks real fun!


  3. the pictures are very nice and you have a cute smile. your blog is very good and interesting. maybe follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too :))


    1. thanks lovely! following your blog x

  4. ah i am so jealous! there played such amazing band. what a pity that i am at the moment not in england :(


    1. aww not to worry, there's always next time :D xxx