Monday, 13 August 2012


So today I was rummaging through the many piles of papers that I have accumulated throughout the years, and I stumbled upon some of my poems that I wrote when I was in my teenage years! I must have brought along some memories from home before I came over to the UK almost 6 years ago.

The Peasant Girl was probably one of the first ones that I wrote in my free time, back when I was less distracted by technology and the internet!

So here it is in all its glory...

The Peasant Girl

Along the coastline,
In the evening’s golden glow,
Stands a peasant girl in the shades of the trees,
Her modest wraps flowing gently in the breeze,
Among the wildflowers she walks with a rose in hand,
Leaving a trail of dainty footprints upon the shifting sand,
Her willow figure a graceful silhouette,
Bathed in its incandescence as the sun begins to set,
Across the horizon where the sea meets the sky,
She looks out with hope for a ship to sail by,
That carries her beloved whom she entrusted body and soul,
Who left her heartbroken which no one could console,
To him her whole heart she surrendered,
The man who vowed to wed her,
Whose sweet words had captured her heart,
With promises of faith and devotion,
United as one and never to part,
But alas her childhood fantasy would never come true,
For a life of commitment he could not succumb to,
As he was a sailor who traveled far and wide,
And although he cherished her dearly,
His passion for adventure he could not hide,
And so he bid her his last farewell,
And sailed off one fine day,
With a single rose and a kiss upon her lips,
One last loving glance before he sailed away,
Two years have passed yet still she waits,
With hope that he would return,
And stands along the water’s edge,
With only the memory of his lifelong pledge,
Looking out toward the endless sea,
Looking out for a love not meant to be.

Felicia Tan, 2005


Yes, you can tell I was a bit of a hopeless romantic much as I am now!
 Though, as much as I LOVED all that flowery romance I had never dated anyone before I was AT LEAST 20 years old...probably because I wasn't pretty or attractive like my mates ha!
I was always more of a wallflower, but I think I have started to come out of my shell more as I grow older.

Hmm, maybe I should see if I still have bits of my poetic side left in me. The difference now would be that I would typing it in ease on my beautiful Macbook Pro as opposed to writing on scraps of recycled paper back then! Dad was always quite insistent on making full use of both sides of the paper, there was always a whole stack of old one-sided printed documents to write on. Even now my dad is still very 'old-school', but I do love him so!
However, like anyone else in the modern generation, I do love technology.

If I do find any other presentable poems I'll be sure to post them x

Lots of love to all my wonderful readers x


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