Monday, 27 August 2012


Notting Hill carnival weekend!
It's been about 5 years since I last went to one, all I vaguely remembered was lots of booty shaking and chocolate covered people.

Filled up with some breakfast round the corner...

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon

Morning coffee

Good morning world x

Passed by this old man and his faithful buddy on his shoulders sharing a pint of beer! Doesn't this just make you go awww...

awww *hearts*

Here's some more photos I snapped along the way...

Pina colada

The crowd waiting for the floats to go by

Having jerk chicken with rice and coleslaw for lunch!

Street party

And here's a short (extremely shaky) video I took when I was on Mike's shoulders!

Despite the muddy, chocolatey mess I was surrounded with I came out unscathed and clean in my plain white top! Until I dribbled some of my Nero mocha down my chin...(doh!) 

We ended up having dinner in Chinatown at Wong Kei (Wonky!) supposedly a cheap and happy place...
Until Mike spotted a rat scurrying below the tables...and we had to wait 30 minutes or more for our below average food...served by a grouchy looking waiter lol...
Obviously being Malaysian, it is 'normal' for me to see scurrying rats...though I don't think Mike was too impressed!
I don't think we'll be heading back again anytime soon!

It was 'Children's Day' at the carnival on Sunday, so I'm guessing Monday's going to be crazier..and wetter...good luck people ha!
BBC Weather NEVER lies...well at least this time it won't ;)


  1. love these photos, it seems to have such a great carnival atmosphere!
    the picture of the man sharing his drink with his dog is so adorable too c:

    1. yeah and the weather was good which was awesome :D x

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    just discovered ur blog! nice!
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