Sunday, 12 August 2012


So after an exciting 2 weeks the London Olympics 2012 is now coming to an end...
Although I live in London I didn't manage to get any tickets (shameful I know!), but we did catch some of the Men's marathon action around central London today! As well as the women's last weekend as mentioned in one of my previous posts.

We lined up early along the bridge at Southbank despite the evil crowd management staff trying to move people along and disallowing stopping and viewing along the bridge. But hey it's the last day, so just take a chill pill!

We made our way to Tower Bridge to snap some photos of the Olympic rings.

Stopped for some sushi at feng sushi at Borough Market to re-energize!

And as usual the kid in me is always on the lookout for a snap with Wenlock!

The atmosphere around London is just buzzing and it's such a good feeling to be able to experience London 2012. 
London has definitely done a good job in organizing this spectacular event!
And well done to Team GB having achieved third place on the Leader board - 29 gold, 17 silver and 19 bronze medals, their best performance in over a 100 years!

Source: Team GB (official Facebook page)

And as a fellow Malaysian I must not forget to mention the great achievements of the two Malaysian medalists- Datuk Lee Chong Wei (silver - badminton) and Pandelela Rinong (bronze - 10m platform diving).
You have done our country proud x

It'll be a long time before the Olympics return to London again and it's best to just savour this moment in time.
Trip to Rio in 4 years time maybe?!

I haven't got a front row ticket to the closing ceremony, but I've got a snuggly spot on my bed with my little personal TV and a bag of mini stroopwafels, and that's all I really need x


  1. Nice pics!

  2. I'm a little sad that the Olympics have come to an end - I was lucky enough to get tickets and loved the whole atmosphere and vibe of the city! Love your pics too :)

    Tien xo

    1. yea, it seems like it ended too soon! but it's been a fantastic atmosphere and one to remember :)

      thanks, checking out your blog and following xxx