Thursday, 12 April 2012


T.k.maxx are collecting clothes for Cancer Research! This charity runs from 1st - 30th April 2012. So if you've got any unwanted clothes in good condition you can just pop by a store, grab some free bags and just drop them off once you've filled them.

charity trip 1
First round-up of clothes to donate

Second round!

Yes, I actually made not one but TWO trips on foot carrying these bags to T.k.maxx, which according to Google Maps each trip is approximately a distance of 0.5 miles each way. My arms and legs have definitely had a proper workout today.

I'm sure if I had more time (and manpower) I would have filled more bags, but guess there's lots of other charities to spread my stuff around next time.

And just another random incident, after getting conned off one pound (!) for my chicken rice yesterday (I was too timid and polite to argue), today a Chinese man paid for my one pound pack of kitchen towels, as a token of gratitude for letting him pay his stuff with mine. Looks like what goes around comes around.

And feeling rather generous I gave it to this guy playing the cello on the streets. 

I was a bit too shy to take a photo up close, but as you can see for yourselves he was pretty easy on the eyes ;) I mean, who doesn't love a budding musician? 


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