Saturday, 21 April 2012


Yes, I have officially survived my first week at my new job in London!
I've been MIA for a week now because of my odd work shifts that has drained the energy out of me, but I will get used to it soon enough.
It's been quite a calm yet stressful week since I moved - lugging a van full of my personal belongings from Leeds and frantically hunting for accommodation. 

I also got LOST after my first late night shift at work - having to jump on 4 different buses just to find my way home taking 1.5 hours! Had to wait at some dodgy-looking part of town as I suspiciously eyed passer-bys, shivering my legs off at the bus-stop. Wandering along dark streets in an unfamiliar part of town was definitely not fun. I arrived home past midnight cold and tired and jumped into bed to make the most of my 4 hours of sleep before my next shift. I'm sticking to the underground for now. My oyster credit is rapidly diminishing...

I've also been viewing some places to live, I can't believe how some people can survive living in such tiny box rooms at exorbitant prices! I call it daylight robbery but I guess that's the price you have to pay if you want to live in the city. 

Most of my stuff is currently in storage, so I have a limited amount of things to wear. I have been surviving on wearing a single pair of shoes (!)

I've met a lovely new friend - Penang people just have this natural chemistry to click with each other ;)

It's been a rather dull week filled with work and boring stuff so apologies for the lack of pictures. More interesting stuff coming soon x

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