Monday, 30 April 2012


No...I haven't started talking gibberish. 
This is just a short foodie review about Pasibrzuch - a small polish restaurant that me and my friend visited during dinner on Saturday.
For drinks we both order tea with rum (!) - always a first time for everything. 
We shared a soup dish, unfortunately I can't remember what it was called, I blame the rum in my tea. But it was really tasty!

For our mains, we ordered the mixed dumplings and a steak dish. The dumplings had various fillings of potato, meat, veg...all sorts which went well with the garnish. It was really filling as the skin was quite thick. The steak dish was super rich - covered in creamy mushroom cheese sauce and served with mash potatoes and a side salad.

The restaurant itself is quite small but had a nice cosy ambience. The waitress was also very helpful and polite. 
Overall a good experience - there's a good selection of food to choose from which are reasonably priced. Just remember to go on an empty stomach x

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