Friday, 6 April 2012


I'm currently blogging from the comfort of my seat in the non-congested East Coast First Class carriage - feeling a bit tired due to lack of sleep but I'm hoping the caffeine will kick in soon.

For those of you who don't already know, I've been successful in obtaining a new job in London, and I'll be moving out of Leeds in a weeks time! I can't believe I've lived in Leeds for almost 2 years now, a bit longer than I expected but I now feel ready to move on to new pastures. I'm feeling excited yet scared at the same time having to learn to adapt to a new environment - but over the years I think I've gotten used to living independently, so this will be another new adventure.

The moving process is as always stressful for me because I carry A LOT of baggage (literally). I've been busy sorting my bills, movers, dealing with my landlord, HR at the workplace - basically the whole package. I've got a few more meet-ups and goodbyes to say before I leave which I can hopefully squeeze in next week.

Anyway, stressful news aside, I'm off to London for easter weekend with the hope of finding a car as well - fingers crossed. If all goes well I should have another worry ticked off my list.

My comfy Tommy Hilfiger denim jeans and white French Connection top - casual chic, the perfect way to start the weekend

And not forgetting accessories!

The benefits of booking tickets in advance ;)

Blogging in comfort - complimentary food and free internet access! 

It's been a while since I booked a First Class ticket, but it's nice to travel in comfort every once in a while. The journey seems a bit bumpier than expected, I'm cautiously watching over my cup of coffee making sure it doesn't tip over onto my beautiful macbook.

The weather looks pretty good outside so far, lets hope it continues like this over the weekend. I've come prepared with my sunnies as well as my umbrella knowing how temperamental the weather can be.
I'll continue to keep everyone posted when I have arrived in London x

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