Tuesday, 3 April 2012


You know the feeling when you feel like all your effort you put into something has been blatantly overlooked and you were being judged by a number? That's exactly what I experienced today. 
I'm not going to go into too much detail on the topic, but as you may have guessed it was work-related.

Anyway, anger and frustration aside, I went to calm myself down and cheer myself up with a lovely affogato at La Bottega Milanese - I requested for chocolate ice cream this time. 

Some retail therapy always helps to brighten up a bad day - I had my usual browse round T.k.maxx. Tried on some sneakers that were pretty comfy and casual. They were all decently priced below 15 pounds though I didn't get any of them today - maybe another time.

Some nice See by Chloe blazers/jackets were on sale, I grabbed one and am still contemplating whether it's a keeper or not hmm...

My mind is still pondering over the words that were exchanged earlier. I am aware of the importance of accepting constructive feedback, but when I feel that unjustified conclusions have been made, I feel that I should speak my mind. 
So tomorrow I will no longer be the timid girl that I usually am - assertiveness has never been my strong point, but I am slowly learning. I'll be leaving for a new job in a couple of days, but before I leave I'm going to make sure I have the last word. 

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