Monday, 9 April 2012


Yes it's that time again when I leave it to the last minute to rush and list my stuff on eBay with hopes of earning back some cash. Unfortunately this time I can't list as much stuff as I used to because I have packed most of my things away into boxes! And sales haven't been as good in the last few listings. eBay can be handy at times, depending how much time you have to spare: taking photos, creating listings, packing and posting items, AND getting some percentage of your profits deducted in the end! Yes, they take your money to list AND they also take your money if you are successful in selling something. And postage prices have increased like everything has in the world. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there...

Hmm...not quite what I had in mind

I've recently reached my 500 purple star icon with 100% feedback - a good record always helps sales. Free listing weekend has been extended to 4 days over the easter weekend. I'm feeling a bit too poorly and drained to put much effort into it this time...looks like I'll be carrying more baggage along with me than expected...and continue when I have moved to London.

For those of you who are ebayers yourselves, you have a few more hours til midnight to list for free! 
I'm going to be heading to bed early today because I feel feverish, like I'm coming down with a the flu...
Have a good week ahead x

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