Monday, 9 April 2012


As you may have guessed, I'm back on the road (or rather tracks) again, heading back to Leeds for possibly the last time - for now.
My Easter weekend in London hasn't been very exciting to talk about - I've unfortunately come down with a bit of the cold so I'm currently a rather unhappy bunny. 
I did some car-hunting with my aunt and uncle but it didn't turn out very fruitful. I'm looking for a reliable car that's fairly new, and because I've decided to get an automatic car my choices have been very limited. I know that I'm fully capable of driving a manual car but I don't really fancy putting unnecessary stress on my feet especially if I'm likely to be stuck in traffic when I drive into London for work. I still stick to my views that automatic cars are the way of the future!
It's going to be really different, I've gotten so used to living on my own (the lone ranger!) for the last couple of years. I'm going to miss having my own space when I move to London, but this will hopefully be a temporary thing.

Anyway, I got my aunt to drop me off at the station on the way to work, meaning I have loads of time to spare before my train departs. 
And for those who haven't seen the newly renovated wing at King's Cross, here's a quick snap. Looks pretty swanky don't you think.

I've been having hot cross buns for breakfast (and lunch) for the last couple of days (it is after all Easter!), so with my current state I treated myself to a hearty breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien at London St Pancras Station. King's Cross is only across the road anyway giving me plenty of time to dash over later.
I love doing foodie reviews. 
I was promptly seated when I arrived, I requested for a little side table so that I could eat (and blog) in peace. 

I ordered a macchiato and scrambled eggs with salmon on toast, and some orange juice as well. 

The eggs were nice and creamy, and the smoked salmon lovely as always, I found the skin on the bread a bit hard (?) maybe because it's organic?? hmm...
The macchiato was quite strong but it gave me the boost I needed. 

They use nothing but the finest ingredients —farm fresh produce, fragrant herbs, artisanal cheeses and, handmade organic breads (I've obviously taken this line from their website, but there you go!). The waiters were also really friendly and checked that  everything was ok when my food was served. I do find the coincidences quite intriguing that everytime waiters come and ask you how your food is, you always have your mouth stuffed with food and you have to bashfully nod in satisfaction (it's rude to talk with your mouth full). As much as I love fresh juice I have to remind myself in future to resist the temptation due to the obvious fact that I could probably get two (or even three) cartons with the price I paid for a single glass when eating in.
A healthy and satisfying meal to kick start the day before my 2.5 hour journey back to Leeds.

I'll hopefully come up with more interesting posts when I'm feeling a bit brighter and my brain is functioning properly. I've got the whole week off to sort out my packing and moving. Happy working to all those at work x

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